Mark Boling

South African Music Award for Best Traditional Jazz Album of 2008

In 2008 Zim Ngqawana released a recording on the South African label Sheer Sound entitled Zimology in Concert (USA) featuring the UT jazz faculty ensemble (Boling, Brown and Holloway, plus pianists Donald Brown and Ben Dockery). In May 2009 the album Zimology in Concert (USA) was selected as the winner in the “Best Traditional Jazz” category of the South African Music Awards (SAMA).

Cadence Magazine

Usually due to the security of their work as university educators, musicians are quite satisfied helping to mold their own locally distinctive Jazz scenes as they teach future generations of Jazz musicians, rather than migrating to New York or Los Angeles. Who outside of Tennessee, for example, would expect an explorative Knoxville Jazz group to record an album that equals or surpasses in many respects those of major labels?

A guitar-based trio is never easy; trust me, I head one up, and know how important it is to be in control of the moment and in the front. Simply put, I enjoyed Mark Boling’s playing a great deal, and backed by a solid rhythm section, he propels this collection of standards and originals forward with a solid tone and great lines in the spirit of Wes, Pass and Green.

Among the tunes featured on the record are a very nicely done chord-solo of Monk’s "Round Midnight", Wes’ "The Thumb", and the quintessential "All The Things You Are" and more.

Boling’s music and style are honest, and his lines are powerful and executed with precision and passion. I hope to hear more from Boling, and based on the impressive originals put forth here, would like to hear more of him as a composer as well.

Jazz South Radio

Evidence, Boling, Brown & Holloway's first release as a trio, was featured on the syndicated Jazz South radio program in 2002 as an outstanding recording by a southern artist.